RARA-AVIS: And the winner is . . . Marlowe!

pabergin (pabergin@gte.net)
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 20:15:27 -0500 Thanx to all who contributed to the "let's spackle the cracks in PB's brain"
discussion on "the wench is dead." First there, thereby qualifying for the
Bill on the Spot Award, was Bill Denton. I checked my library and it was
indeed Marlowe's The Jew of Malta. Fortunately, Bill's response came in
barely 3 hours after I'd posted the query, thereby enabling a decent night's
sleep. For which, many thanks.

And many thanks, also, to others who offered their ideas.

About the title thing . . . Yeah, I agree it's bad form to cop another
writer's title, even if there is no legal penalty involved. It's like
saying, "Look, plagiarism doesn't extend to titles, even of seminal books.
Go for it, boy!"

Like "The Way We Die Now?" Use it! (Someone has)
Like "Dead Low Tide?" Use it! (Someone has)
Like "Gone With the Wind?" Use it! (Someone will)

Publishing is a tough, product-driven industry these day, far tougher than
when I was involved as a writer (not a publisher, which I was later and
remain -- to a very limited extent -- today). The days of the Maxwell
Perkinses are history. Look for an editor these days, you're gonna find a
kid can't read sitting behind a desk big enuf to hide his kneeling secretary
filing his nails while he figures out what it is he has to do to to make it
out the door without being fired for something somebody ELSE did.

Must be tough. Job like that. My piles bleed for 'em.

Every once in awhile, one of 'em must have a brainstorm, scream out some
high-concept directive like, "Let's call it 'The Maltese Falcon!'"

Nice to know they're earning their pay.

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