RARA-AVIS: Memorable Lines

Bill Hagen (billha@ionet.net)
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:23:24 -0600 (CST) Ckottos wrote recently,
>It [The Big Nowhere] also contains one of my favorite lines in American
>prose: "He missed Mal wicked bad."

And then signed off with this wonderful line.

>"Here I am with a cup of coffee and together we are strong."
>-Richard Hell

I compliment Ckottos on his fine taste. He prompted me to start a list of
"best sign-offs," which of course includes Mari Hall's latest and Bill's
"Caveat." Slightly off any RA topic, but here are a couple of favorites
from other sources.

"I hate leaving my house unless I'm getting paid for it."
--Anthony Geary

"I've never met anyone who made it with a chick because they owned a Tom
Waits album. I've got all three, and it's never helped me." --Tom Waits

[I should add that Waits has written and sung some of the darkest songs
recorded. Think his latest is called "Beautiful Maladies."]

Perhaps Bill won't mind if folks send in some of their best hard-boiled


Bill Hagen

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