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Mari Hall (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 10:24:08 -0600 Jim Beaver wrote:
> Anyone familiar with the writing of Richard Abshire, a former Dallas
> cop who's written several books in a PI series (THE DALLAS DROP, THE
> DALLAS DECEPTION, etc.) and a couple of collaborative novels about a
> Dallas cop named Gants who has vaguely supernatural encounters at
> times during his investigations (GANTS, THE SHAMAN TREE). I've liked
> all of Abshire's stuff, but he doesn't seem to have written much
> lately. Anyone know anything about him or his work?
> Jim Beaver

Yeah, being from Dallas, he and his partner Bill Clare, wrote the Gants
stuff. Abshire is not a Dallas patrolman any more, but does do the video
stuff for the police department, he does the filming particularly of
training films, crimestoppers tips, etc. Clare is with the US Marshall's
office now and neither has time for writing. So far as I know neither
does any under any other name.

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