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Greg Swan (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 10:20:31 -0700 Anita --

These are both pulp authors, and very good ones. Chadwick is a personal

Cook and Miller list the Chadwick stories, but the Wandrei title isn't
listed. --
Tarantula Bait: Detective-Dragnet Magazine vol 11, num 3
Fangs of the Cobra: Ten Detective Aces vol 11 num 3

Finding specific issues of old pulp magazines can be difficult. Being
willing to spend money to obtain them often doesn't make it possible for you
to obtain them!

It's also possible that these stories may have been reprinted in
anthologies. They could even be the titles of anthologies as well as story

There are folks on this list who may be able to recall which stories
appeared in which anthologies. You might get lucky and find them in a $10
barnes-and-noble bargain anthology. Or, these could have been reprinted in
small press publications with limited distribution. Out-of-print small
press pubs can be as difficult to track down as the old pulps.

I'm curious. In what sort of conversation were these stories "highly

Greg Swan

Joe Hoffman wrote:
> HI eveyrone:
> This is my first post on this list, and I hope this request is an OK one.
> I have looking for books by two somewhat obscure authors...
> Paul Chadwick (Tarantula Bait and Fangs of the Cobra) and Donald Wandrei
> (The Lunatic Plague).
> I am unfamiliar with these authors but the books came highly recommended.
> Anyone familiar with these two? Comments on the books.. suggestions where to
> find. Bibliofind and all the other usuals have nothing.
> Thanks in advance.
> Anita Hoffman
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