RARA-AVIS: The ever-interesting MacDonald theories (fwd)

David White (dpwhite@eden.rutgers.edu)
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Subject: The ever-interesting MacDonald theories

Ross MacDonald's influences have definitely come from earlier lit... I can see
that The Great Gatsby was a major influence, the ideals of a dream, a
mysterious past, an unattached character... Another influence I'm sure, is
Henry James... The last one third of his novel The American had MacDonald
written all over it... It's an interesting idea that possibly MacDonald's
theme of family pasts and crime could just be a metaphor for his use of past
American Lit.... While we fail to admit it, our past has influenced our lives
today greatly, and I think MacDonald knew it... I would love to know the topic
of Millar's thesis at Michigan State, and if anyone knows it, please let the
list know.....


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