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Mon, 15 Mar 1999 17:15:09 +0900 (JST) At 10:28 AM 99.3.15, Maki Nakada wrote:

> Ross Thomas completed the scenario of the movie that Joe Gores himself
> could'nt.

I should correct the word《could't》.
He wrote the scenario 5times and just grew tired.
I've heard 4 more writers tried that and all of them were rejected.
And finally Ross Thomas finished the complecated work.
I think you can read about all troubles in The Aremchair Detective
“'Ve Vere Young Then”although I read them in Japanese and don't
know exactly in which issue.

Depending on The Internet Movie Database Search,
Ross Thomas' role was Man in Boardroom.


Maki Nakada(a.k.a.,Hirotsuji)

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