RARA-AVIS: Hammett: Joe Gores Version

Rick Robinson (rkr@pacbell.net)
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 07:54:32 -0800 All of the posts about Hammett lately got me to thinking
about Joe Gores' 1975 novel HAMMETT. Published in hardcover
by Putnam in 1975 and in paperbackk by Ballantine in 1976,
Gores takes the author and makes him a detective in 1928 San
Francisco. From the blurb:

"From Chinatown's covert alleys to the fog-shrouded Golden
Gate, crooked politicians ran the town and fattened on it's
spoils. To Hammett, retired Pinkerton detective and
struggling writer, it was all just grist for his fictional
mill -- until the night his pal walked into a baseball bat
in a bootlegger's closet and Hammett put up his typewriter,
put on his gumshoes and went out to play rough with the

A pretty entertaining read, as I recall.

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"Watch out for the dame with the rod, she's a killer"
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