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> The 3-part TV-movie version of *The Dain Curse* starred James Coburn,
> not Jason Robards, as the Continental Op. Clearly chosen less for his
> physical resemblance to the character than to the character's creator,
> this connection was heightened by giving the Op a name, "Hamilton
> Nash," which is, of course, "Dashiell Hammett" spelled . . . uh . . .
> sideways . . . sort of. - Jim Doherty

I'm sorry to tell my girlish memory about TV-movie,The Dain Curse.
Maybe in 1978, I read a New York Report by Jiro Kimura in
Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine, and knew the movie starred James Coburn.
I have already been crazy for him (especially in Fistful of Dynamite,
Pat Garrett and Bill the Kid,etc) and dicided to read the original book.
It was my first encounter with Dashiell Hammet and Hardboiled.
Lately, I saw the movie and knew it was a.... not good. But if James Coburn
had not played as Hamilton Nash, I would never know this RARA-AVIS.
The TV-movie made my life.

Maki Nakada(a.k.a.,Hirotsuji)

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