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The first Lew Archer novel I ever read was the first Lew Archer novel
Macdonal ever wrote, *The Moving Target*. It's always held a place in
my heart, particularly since the film version, *Harper* ("Lew Harper"
is "Lew Archer" spelled sideways) is one of my favorite PI pictures.
I also like *The Zebra-Striped Hearse* (which reminds me, there is a
Macdonald parody entitled "The Peppermint-Striped Goodbye," but I
can't remember the author's name). I think the Archer short story
collection. *The Name is Archer*, and its expanded hardcover edition
*Lew Archer - Private Investigator*, one of the best single author
collections of PI short fiction ever assembled. Just as an aside, the
very first Archer story in any medium, "Find the Woman," was first
published in *EQMM* under Macdonald's real name, Kenneth Millar. At
that time the character had a different name. Years later, when it
was reprinted in the Archer collection, Macdonald changed the
character's name to "Lew Archer," recalling Chandler's name change of
his magazine characters, Carmady and Dalmas, to Marlowe in *TSAM*.

Assuming you put any credence in awards, *The Wycherly Woman*, *The
Zebra-Striped Hearse*, *The Chill*, and *The Far Side of the Dollar*
were all Edgar nominees (and in my opinion, *Hearse* was far superior
to the book that won that year, Ellis Peters's *Death & the Joyful
Woman*). *Dollar* won the British Crime Writers Golden Dagger for
Best Novel. - Jim Doherty

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