RARA-AVIS: *The Dain Curse* TV adaptation

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In a recent post about trade paperbacks, James Rogers wrote that:

" . . . as a youth working in a bookstore, I "stripped" 100 copies of
the Vintage Books _Dain Curse_. It had been released as a tie-in with
a Jason Robards television mini-series . . . ."

The 3-part TV-movie version of *The Dain Curse* starred James Coburn,
not Jason Robards, as the Continental Op. Clearly chosen less for his
physical resemblance to the character than to the character's creator,
this connection was heightened by giving the Op a name, "Hamilton
Nash," which is, of course, "Dashiell Hammett" spelled . . . uh . . .
sideways . . . sort of. - Jim Doherty

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