RARA-AVIS: Off-topic: Hillerman and Health

Frank D (bearlodge@email.msn.com)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 15:53:03 -0800 Prior to going to Albuquerque for Left Coast Crime I said that I would look
into the state of Tony Hillerman's health, since someone asked. Tony
attended the convention on both Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday he gave one
his usual laconic humorous talks; I'd never call it a speech. It was about
his relationship with Hollywood, which hasn't amount to a hill of beans. He
wound up by saying he had accomplished two things: 1) he had gotten $100 in
option money, and 2) he had turned down a meeting with Robert Redford
because it was poker night with friends of 30 years standing. Anyway, Tony
looked healthy. He took his time descending the steps from the stage after
his Sunday talk, but so do I at my age. Bifocals, you know. Tony has had a
bout with cancer, but one certainly couldn't tell from outward
ppearances. -- Frank D.

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