RARA-AVIS: Ambivalent about Ross MacDonald, no question mark

michael david sharp (msharp@umich.edu)
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 08:11:53 -0500 (EST) Re: the (IMO ridiculous) comparison of Chandler to MacDonald: MacDonald
isn't susceptible to parody precisely because he is NOT influential in the
genre in any serious, long-term way. I say this even though I've enjoyed
many a MacDonald book. No one parodies a figure labo(u)ring in obscurity,
which, if MacDonald wasn't then, he is now. People parody the big guns, of
which Chandler is one, and MacDonald is not. I say this even though
MacDonald and I are both Michigan English Ph.D.s, and as I say, I have a
fondness for his work.

So there.

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