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Jiro Kimura (jkimura@nsknet.or.jp)
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 10:41:07 +0900 >: Frank MacShane's Chandler biography has not been reprinted in
>: paperback, I guess, even though ...
<Jiro Kimura>

>Are you sure? I think I saw this one in paperback at the library. I'm
>pretty sure it wasn't the book of letters.
>William Denton

I guess I forgot about it. Yes, MacShane 's Chandler biography went into
paperback, but Penguin trade paperback not in mass pb, I believe. Sorry,
it was too long time ago to remember clearly. I guess I have both
editions. I think Richard Layman's Hammett biography (1981) also went into
trade pb but not into mass pb. Sorry about my previous
semi-misinformation. I have not seen the pb edition of William
Nolan's Hammett bio (1983), have you?

Maybe the Macdonald bio will be reprinted in trade paperback in a year or
two about at 15 bucks (the hardcover edition costs $32), but not in mass
pb, judging from the trend.

Jiro Kimura
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