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Sun, 7 Mar 1999 12:18:09 -0500 (EST) On 7 March 1999, Jiro Kimura wrote:

: I think Bill surely said it in jest, because Tom Nolan's Ross
: Macdonald (NOT MacDonald) biography is not likely to be reissued in
: paperback. Very few biographies of mystery writers are reissued in
: paperback. None of the three major Hammett biographies are in
: paperback, except Diane Johnson's biography in trade paperback
: reprint.

I wasn't jesting, I figured it would come out in a big trade paperback
edition next year. On the one hand, the market for a Macdonald bio is
fairly small, but on the other hardcovers are very expensive and if it
gets good reviews more people will be interested. I'll wait and hope, I

: Frank MacShane's Chandler biography has not been reprinted in
: paperback, I guess, even though ...

Are you sure? I think I saw this one in paperback at the library. I'm
pretty sure it wasn't the book of letters.

This got me wondering about Mellen's _Hellmann and Hammett_. There's no
paperback edition of it, although is selling
remaindered hardcover copies for $10 US. If this one doesn't make it to
paper, there's little reason why the Macdonald bio should. Too bad so few
people see these books.


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