Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: That Ever-popular Macdonald Conspiracy Theory

blumenidiot (
Sat, 6 Mar 1999 13:26:37 -0600 mt states:
Then, too, after The Galton Case, all of
>Macdonald's books are essentially the same Freudian tangle; the
>virtuosity is persuasive and one cannot stop reading -- but at the end,
>this reader feels cheated. It was the same story all over again, once

I think Mac Donald' best books were written in the fifties and sixties,
before he was acclaimed by critics and a large number of readers. Once he
had a successful formula, he was able to produce books that would be best
sellers and probably well received by critics. You see the same thing in
movies. The sequels to Beverly Hills Cop, Forty Eight Hours, and of course,
the Rocky films were not different. They were just variations on a theme.

Even his detractors seem to admit that once you started a MacDonald book you
had to finish it, and then read all his books you could find. If you had
been reading his books as they were published, the similarities would be not
be so apparent.
Mark Blumenthal

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