RARA-AVIS: MacDonald

Tom Olson (guiness@wizard.com)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 23:21:13 -0700 I haven't read Ross MacDonald-- would the Birds recommend that I start with
the first Lew Archer book, which I gather is The Moving Target?

Just finishing Kent Harrington's Dia de los Muertos-- good, but not as good
as Dark Ride. I can't help but think that Harrington is in some way trying
to pay homage to Under the Volcano, particularly with his refrain "no se
puede vivir sin amar," and Calhoun's fever (which seems a mirroring of the
Consul's DTs) but it's very distracting, it doesn't work, and he's no
Lowry. Even so, his characters are believable, and it's an entertaining
book. Volcano is a masterpiece, though it probably is neither noir nor

And speaking of the boiled vs. noir dichotomy-- where does David Goodis fit?
His characters seem to get both treatments simultaneously. The worst of both
worlds, and brilliantly.


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