RARA-AVIS: Need some help

Geir Glosvik (gglosvik@newmedia.no)
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 20:33:37 -0500 Hello

Maybe I'm the Norwegian that Bill Denton referred to some postings ago when
he accounted for the subscribers to the list. I've been lurking for some
time, and I have picked up more information from this list during the months
I've been lurking than I have from several volumes of reference books. So
thanks to you all.

In 1950 the paperback came to Norway, and my dad bought them from the start.
It's amazing how many of the American hb/noir authors that were translated
and published in Norway from 1950 and onwards. Almost all the authors (not
books) that have been mentioned/discussed on this list I have in a Norwegian
paperback translation from the forties/fifties/sixties. I inherited my
father's paperback collection when he died (he never wasted one single
book), and reading/collecting these books (both in Norwegian and in English)
has become my hobby (passion?).

Now the help I need: some authors/books I can't find in my reference books.
And from the staggering amount of knowledge I've registered on rara-avis,
maybe you can help me out:
Who was Shipley Adams and when did he publish 'Murder Well Begun'? And
Robert Chestnut, Lewis Clay and Charles Clos? I'll just mention Barry Cord
and James Dark before I stop. I have a few more names, but maybe you'll let
me bother you some other time.



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