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Re Ziggy's question:

"Hillerman is speaking at my university in the next few weeks and I am
basically wondering what books of his are considered the best?"

I once wrote an article about the best police procedurals set in
Western state. For the state of Arizona, I said that *Listening
Woman* was the best cop novel, and possibly the best cop novel set
anywhere west of the Mississippi.

His first book, *The Blessing Way* is also great. His second, *Dance
Hall of the Dead*, won a well-deserved Edgar for Best Novel.
*Skinwalkers*, his first book to team his two series characters, Lt.
Joe Leaphorn and Officer Jim Chee, in a single book won both the
Anthony from the World Mystery Convention for Best Mystery Novel, and
the Golden Spur from the Western Writers of Maerica for Best Western
Novel; again both well-deserved awards. - Jim Doherty

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