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<<anyone know of biographical/bibliographical material on Avallone??--aj

We had a long interview with Avallone in The Scream Factory #10, available for
$10 from:
Deadline Press
PO Box 2808
Apache Junction, AZ 85217
The interview mainly covered Avallone's horror writing but touched on his
crime fiction as well. As noted already in this forum, Avallone was a very
bitter, spiteful guy, and all that came out in this interview in mass
quantities. He literally hated any writer who a/ had more success than he did;
b/ did not bow down when Big Mike walked into a room; and c/ writers who did
not acknowledge their debt to Avallone (never mind that some of these writers
never READ Avallone). He was especially venomous towards Stephen King who,
Avallone exclaimed at every chance, based every thing he ever wrote on an
Avallone novel. I had to edit a lot of the venom from the piece because it
became repetitious. It's still an entertaining read though.
Peter Enfantino
Deadline Press/bare*bones
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