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> Holmes lets the criminal go in "The Blue Carbuncle." There may be
> others. He allows the titular blackmailer in "Charles Augustus
> Milverton" to be killed without doing anything about it. Again, there
> may be others.

You've prompted me to dig out some old info Jim; SH allows a murderer to
go free in 'The Boscome Valley Mystery'. Looking back over old lecture
notes, I found:

Anticipating the hardboiled detective, Holmes remains, however,
somewhat indifferent to the law, standing by while Milverton
the blackmailer is shot dead ('The Adventure of Charles Augustus
Milverton') and, in 'The Boscombe Valley Mystery,' he decides to
allows a killer to escape. He also allows the criminal to escape
in 'The Blue Carbuncle', declaring to Watson, 'I suppose I am
committing a felony, but it is just possible I am saving a soul.
This fellow will not go wrong again.'

Sherlock Holmes Lecture Notes


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