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Re Kevin's comment below:

"Definitions of something that has more to do with style than plot or
character elements will always be tricky, and both noir and
hardboiled, I feel, have more to do with feel and attitude, than, say,
setting or plot."

That's why I don't think the definition has to be that complicated.
There's three things everyone seems to agree on. 1) An H/B story is a
mystery (crime, suspense, call it what you will) 2) An H/B story is
tough 3) An H/B story is colloquial.

Why do we need more than that? If a mystery is tough and colloquial,
it's hard-boiled. If it isn't, it's not. We don't have to get into
whether or not it's urban, whether or not the protagonist is a PI, a
cop, a secret agent, or a professional criminal. We don;t have to get
into a whole bunch of other stuff that just seem to cloud the issue.
Let's keep it simple. - Jim Doherty

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