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Mon, 1 Mar 1999 06:38:05 -0500 Welcome, Al!

Speaking of George V. Higgins, where does he fit in the hardboiled world? Is
he really hardboiled? What is he, exactly? -- Duane
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>Hello all,
>My name is Al and I have lurked for some time now and have decided to come
>of the shadows and introduce myself. I'm 30 years old and work in
>at the New York Daily News, (definitely a hard boiled newspaper, if there
>such a thing). I've read mysteries since I was young. Having lived 6 years
>Hong Kong, I was introduced to mysteries with the British author Enid
>(Secret Seven and Famous Five Series). Moving to the States I was
>to the comparatively testosterone infused Hardy Boys and the Three
>Investigators. Mid to late teens brought mostly popular thrillers (ie.
>and Cussler), classic literature and on a rare occasion, a mystery. College
>mid-20's I read history only.
>About four years ago, getting older and more nostalgic, I rediscovered
>mysteries and started reading Doyle, Sayers, Carr, Stout, Dick Francis,
>Reginald Hill and Colin Dexter. Then one day, unbeknownst to me I
>the hard boiled genre with the Black Echo by Michael Connelly.Dark,
>intelligently written with style. I read the entire Harry Bosch series and
>thought it was the greatest. That is until I discovered the old masters.
>Since then I have read almost all of Chandler and Hammett and much or some
>both MacDonalds, both Cains, Goodis, Himes, Spillane, Jim Thompson,
>Mosely, Burke, Crumley, McBain, Block, Ellroy, Pelecanos and others. I'd
>more if I could, but a 9 month old baby girl makes this impossible. My most
>recent reads include, Kiss Me Deadly (Spillane), They Shoot Horses, Don't
>They? (Horace Mccoy) and The Wrong Case (Crumley), the latter two
>Next on my list is The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins and a
>Parker novel, The Man with the Getaway Face. In addition to reading,
>up old books by these great authors has spawned an interest in collecting
>vintage paperbacks.
>Speaking of children, anyone trying to pass on their love of the
>to their offspring? Forget Charlotte's Web, I can''t wait to one day
>introduce my daughter to Nate the Great.. a sort of pint sized Sam Spade
>grade schoolers!
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