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Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:45:50 -0600 >><<Which of these do think is not hard boiled:
>>Stark's Parker series
>>Gores'DKA series
>>Willeford's Burnt Orange Heresy
>>Fleming's James Bond series
>>Hamilton's Matt Helm series
>>The first three of Parker's Spenser series
>>Hammett's The Thin Man
>>Goodis' Dark Passage
>>Leonard's Get Shorty
>>Coben's Bolitar series
>>Kaminsky's Toby Peters series>>
MT opined "I would say that only the Willeford and the Hammett are not.",
but James Rogers was said that,
> I reach exactly the opposite result....I would say that only the
>Hammett and the Willeford *are* hardboiled. The rest strike me as imitation
>goods, though sometimes fun. >
I'm glad we list members know what we are talking about. I put in The Thin
Man only because I felt it was Hammett's only major work that was not hard
boiled. I think Dark Passage is noir but not hard boiled. The Willeford is
closer to hard boiled. The The Kaminsky series might be called 'comic
imitation hard boiled'. He has all the elements but the books with their
famous people and wierd sidekicks never seem serious enough to me. I guess
if we accept the Helms as hard boiled we have to throw in the Bonds too. I
think the others show how widely the term may apply. As time goes on any
genre is going to be stretched and tweaked, gradually diverging from the
classic mold.
Mark Blumenthal

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