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blumenidiot (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 23:26:26 -0600 I think there is no definition of hard boiled that would satisfy everybody.
On thinking about this I have made a somewhat whimsical short list of novels
or series that might help establish by example what the list thinks is hard
boiled. IMO each of these is lacking or has at least one element that has
been spoken of as necessary to a hard boiled novel in the discussions of
the past few months. Which of these do think is not hard boiled:

Stark's Parker series
Gores'DKA series
Willeford's Burnt Orange Heresy
Fleming's James Bond series
Hamilton's Matt Helm series
The first three of Parker's Spenser series
Hammett's The Thin Man
Goodis' Dark Passage
Leonard's Get Shorty
Coben's Bolitar series
Kaminsky's Toby Peters series

Mark Blumenthal

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