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James Rogers (
Sat, 13 Feb 1999 02:06:18 -0600 (CST) At 06:12 AM 2/13/99 GMT, Ned Fleming wrote:

>If I may, might I suggest that the Crow did not march single-file, one
>by one, politely, into the liver-eating maw of Johnston? If anything,
>the Crow were a smidgen more ignoble than a Robert Redford showcase
>would dare convey -- even in the Dark Ages of the 1970s. On the other
>hand, to the Crows' credit, they must have become civilized somehow; I
>haven't heard of a Crow raiding party in quite some time.

At the risk of agreeing with the iconoclastic Mr. Fleming on too
regular a basis, I must say that I heartily agree here. I am Cherokee and at
various times have researched the ol' family lore. My verdict is that most
of the things one hears about Indian depridations are not only true , but
greatly understated. The witticisms of an American Indian often consisted of
filling a person's skin up with pine needles and lighting them up. Poor Mr.
Johnsons's reputation has suffered as a result of the fact that he "went
native" with too much success. Had the Crow been able to apprehend the
Gourmand Of The West in his salad days I daresay they would have contrived a
suitable reception.

James Michael Rogers
Mundus Vult Decipi

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