RARA-AVIS: OT: Re: hardboiled settings (Liver Eatin' Johnson)

Ned Fleming (ned@cjnetworks.com)
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 02:05:46 GMT Kevin Smith wrote:

>How's this for an exotic setting? Call it frontier noir, or maybe
>hardboiled buckskin. Just caught Jeremiah Johnson on PBS, and I figure it's
>a pretty hardboiled tale, despite the fact it takes place in the Rockies
>about 150 years ago or so. It's about this guy, ex-soldier (played by
>Robert Redford, who actually does a decent job), disgusted with what he
>sees as a failed society, who decides to chuck it all and become a mountain
>man, only to find that violence and killing isn't that easy to escape from.

The movie "Jeremiah Johnson" and one of the books the movie was based on
("Crow Killer: The Story of Liver Eatin' Johnson") were described by one
fellow as "tame" and "politically correct" versions of the real-life
John Johnson (Johnston), which accounts for its success. Truth sometimes
comes boiled a little longer than is palatable to the average taste.
Johnston, however, denied ever having taken an Indian squaw or eating
human livers. Of course, he was sheriff of some Wyoming town at the time
and might have feared retribution in the voting booth. The book is more
interesting than the movie.

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