RARA-AVIS: Richard Wormser

McHale, Steve (SMcHale@filenet.com)
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 16:28:30 -0800 > I've seen Wormser's name on Mafia books that came out about the time THE
> GODFATHER hit it big. "From the publishers who brought you THE GODFATHER"
> is
> one blurb I recall seeing.
Those two you reference are THE INVADER and THE TAKEOVER. They
aren't really Mafia oriented - Fawcett was just doing a real stretch job.
Buy them next time you find them. Around here (southern California), they
are underpriced: between 50 cents and $1.50

> For some reason I sometimes confuse Wormser with Richard Sale. Sale wrote
> for the pulps and the PBO publishers, but I'm not sure whether Wormser was
> a
> pulp writer. ANy knowledgable Wormser fans with the answers out there? --
> Duane
Richard Sale is another great writer who touches upon a genre of
mine: The Hollywood fixer. But this is a whole new subject.

The only thing I recall about Wormser (and I may have this confused
with Talmadge Powell - sorry!) is a collection of short stories from the
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines. Unfortunately, it did not live up to the
other works (be they by Powell or Wormser).

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