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Re Philip Benz's meassage below:

"In Pronzini and Adrian's anthology, _Hard Boiled: an anthology of
American crime stories_, there's Raoul Whitfield's very nice "Mistral"
from 1931, set in Nice. Aside from a few factual errors, it is very
hard-boiled and very much rooted in this exotic locale."

Whitfield, under the pseudonym of Ramon Decolta, also wrote a series of
exotic hard-boiled PI stories featuring a Filipino op named Jo Gar who
operated out of Manila.

Stephen Marlowe wrote a very fine series of hard-boiled PI novels
featuring Chet Drum, a globe-trotting detective who wound up in a
different exotic location in every book. In the course of the series
he visited Rome (during the '60 Olympics), Moscow (where he wound up in
Gorky Park years before Martin Cruz Smith), the Sahara, Mecca, India,
and South America.

But, see, his *attitude* was tough and colloquial. - Jim Doherty

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