RARA-AVIS: Re: TMF cast pics

Philip Benz (Philip.Benz@wanadoo.fr)
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 08:01:17 +0100 << There are portraits of Astor, Lorre and Greenstreet in The Maltese
Falcon FAQ. >>

Thanx, Ed, but... I must have been reading an old version of the TMF faq
sheet, V2.06, because there weren't any links to pics on it. The main
page had a number of nice posters, and the French poster did have a
reasonable drawing of Lorre as Cairo (though just the head).

What I really need is a video capture card in my PC, so I can grab the
pics directly from the film, but, well, maybe next christmas.

I'll be showing clips from TMF in my English class, probably the opening
office scene where Miss "O'Shaugnessy" describes Thursby and perhaps one
of the later confrontations with Cairo. Pity French copyright law
doesn't allow an exception for educational purposes, or I'd be showing
the whole thing.

I've just been lurking here for a few weeks. I'm curious whether, well,
aside from your scholarly work Ed, anyone here currently writes
hard-boiled fiction, or if this list is primarily a readers' forum.

Cheers, --- Phil
Lycee Astier, Aubenas, France

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