RARA-AVIS: Gold Medal Guys

Bill Crider (abc@wt.net)
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 12:51:22 -0600 (CST) I know I'm supposed to be reading Donald Hamilton, but for some reason I
started thinking about Richard Wormser, another Gold Medal writer I admire.
So I pulled THE LATE MRS. FIVE off the shelf. Only 128 pages, and the text
doesn't start until page 5. Try selling that to an editor these days.
Wormser actually won an Edgar for best paperback I believe (maybe THE
INVADER), and I've always enjoyed his storytelling. MRS. FIVE is a classic
situation: A guy arrives in a strange town and is immediately accused of
murder. Not exactly hardboiled, but lots of fun (for me anyhow). If you
ever seen a Wormser book lying around one of those dusty old used-book
stores that everyone except me seems to have access to, pick it up.

Bill Crider

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