Re: RARA-AVIS: hardboiled setting

Philip Benz (
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 09:29:20 +0100 << I couldn't think of too many well-known hard-boiled titles in which
an exotic locale is a major theme (or cross-cultural navigation). >>

In Pronzini and Adrian's anthology, _Hard Boiled: an anthology of
American crime stories_, there's Raoul Whitfield's very nice "Mistral"
from 1931, set in Nice. Aside from a few factual errors, it is very
hard-boiled and very much rooted in this exotic locale.

BTW, I wonder if anyone on this list could possibly direct me to a few
cameo shots of Astor, Lorre, Greenstreet, Cowan & Cook, the cast from
_Maltese Falcon_? I'm preparing a unit on character portraits in my
English class (here in France) based on this film and it would help a
lot to have good stills with facial closeups, if possible online.

I've been to most of the _MF_ and Bogart sites, and have found many
good shots of Bogart himself, and a few group shots, but that's about

Cheers, --- Phil
Lycee Astier, Aubenas, France

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