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Re Dave's comment:

"The book claimed that Fleming had Bond use the Baretta .25, I believe it
was, and that Fleming received at letter from one Geoffrey Boothroyd
(sp?) after 'From Russia With Love.' (the second book.) Boothroyd
apparently told Fleming that the gun was much too wimpy for someone of
Bond's caliber, and he would never use it. Boothroyd recommended the
Walter PPK 9mm, which soon became Bond's main squeeze."

*From Russia With Love* was the fifth Bond book, preceded by *Casino
Royale*, *Live and Let Die*, *Moonraker*, and *Diamonds Are Forever*. He
used the wimpy Berreta .25 in all of them. (However, he also slept with
a .38 revolver under his pillow for things that went bump in the night).
Disappointed by the novels' lack of success, Fleming decided to kill Bond
off at the end of *From Russia*. He did this by having the Berreta snag
on his trousers' waistband as he was drawing it on the villainess, SMERSH
agent Rosa Klebb. The delay made it possible fro Rosa to stab him with a
poison-tipped blade concealed in her shoe. When he was persuaded to
bring Bond back to life, he opened the next book, *Dr. No*, with a
chapter in which Major Boothroyd, named for the real-life figure who
wrote to Fleming, replaced Bond's Berreta with the Walther PPK.
Typically, Fleming still managed to get it wrong. The real-life
Boothroyd had suggested *either* a Walther PPK or a Smith & Wesson
Centennieal Airweight .38. If Fleming chose the latter weapon, Boothroyd
further suggested equiping Bond with a Berns-Martin upside-down shoulder
holster in which to carry it. Fleming wound up arming Bond with the
Walther (a semi-automatic pistol), then had him carry it in the
Berns-Martin ( holster specifically designed and molded for revolvers).
Imagine Donald Hamilton making a flub like that ! - Jim Doherty

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