RARA-AVIS: parker/porter

Mark Sullivan (ANONYMEINC@webtv.net)
Mon, 1 Feb 1999 01:21:52 -0500 (EST) I saw the preview of Payback again tonight. I noticed again that Porter
had a tattoo: USMC. Parker never served in the military. As a matter of
fact, that was just one more reason he was so pissed by the doublecross,
he had been busted for vagrancy and for the first time his prints had
been taken.

When I got home, I went to the website (www.paybackmovie.com) and read
Mel Gibson's take on the character: "The story is dark, yet whimsical
[whimsical?]. It's a strange mix, but an interesting journey. The
situations Porter finds himself in are so extreme that you have to laugh
at them, or else."

Now I know why they changed the name, because that sure doesn't describe
the Parker I know.


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