Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 12:39:09 -0500 Bill wrote:

>OK, I'm a little behind, but during the discussion of hardboiled books about
>conmen, did anyone mention Stephen J. Cannell's KING CON? I haven't read
>it, and maybe it's not even hardboiled, but it sounded like a pretty neat

Actually, I read it, and I'm the one who started the thread. It started out
great, and the early beating of the character made me think we were heading
into some real hardboiled territory, but the second half of the book was
sorta disappointing, puffed out and way too TV-ish. And I had high
hopes--Roy Huggins and Cannell's Jim Rockford (and the lesser known
Tenspeed and Brownshoe) were pretty good at scams and cons (as was, come to
think of it, Huggins' Maverick).

Doubly disappointed, actually, because I think Cannell can be a very good
writer, though he seems to be having a bit of a struggle in print.

Kevin Smith
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