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Re Terrill's comments below:
"ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE is a terrific non-Connery Bond. Lazenby
is a bit stiff but I think he could have grown into the role if he had
been given a chance. I think the film itself is superior to most of the
other Bonds. Diana Rigg is fantastic casting as a "Bond Girl". So perfect
he MARRIED her!"

I agree. *OHMSS* is the best of the non-Connery films, one of the most
faithful adaptations of the original novel source. Diana Rigg was a geat
"Bond Girl," and Telly Savalas was the best of the actors who played
Blofeld, Bond's personal Moriarty, in the movies. If Connery had been in
it, it would probably have been my favorite. As it was, Lazenby wasn't
nearly as bad as everyone said at the time, and probably, as you say,
would have gotten better with time. - Jim Doherty

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