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Sat, 30 Jan 1999 13:25:20 -0500 No, "everyone" does not see Sean Connery as the definitive Bond ... I
started watching with Roger Moore and see his portrayals as the definitiv=
ones ...

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Jim Doherty wondered:
does anyone really think that the Bond movies
>got progessively better as the series progressed? For my money, the
>second Bond film, *From Russia With Love*, is still the best in the

I think everyone sees Connery as the definitive Bond. Starting with
Goldfinger the series lost any hard edge it had and became more and more
cartoonish. I think it's clear From Russia with Love was the best of the
series. With its tight focus on action and lack of a grandiose plot, its
almost as though it were the filming of a Matt Helm novel.

Going back to the comments on the original books, it seems almost everybo=
including most on this list, think of Bond as he appears in movies. The
books seem forgotten.
Mark Blumenthal

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