Re: Re[2]: RARA-AVIS: Helm vs Bond:

blumenidiot (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 11:08:30 -0600 Jim Doherty wondered:
does anyone really think that the Bond movies
>got progessively better as the series progressed? For my money, the
>second Bond film, *From Russia With Love*, is still the best in the

I think everyone sees Connery as the definitive Bond. Starting with
Goldfinger the series lost any hard edge it had and became more and more
cartoonish. I think it's clear From Russia with Love was the best of the
series. With its tight focus on action and lack of a grandiose plot, its
almost as though it were the filming of a Matt Helm novel.

Going back to the comments on the original books, it seems almost everybody,
including most on this list, think of Bond as he appears in movies. The
books seem forgotten.
Mark Blumenthal

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