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Sat, 30 Jan 1999 11:44:05 -0500 Though I never got around to writing about TSAM, I did enjoy re-reading
the book. _The King in Yellow_ remains a particularly impressive piece
of writing, and _Goldfish_ is an exciting story, a quest. I also enjoyed
_Spanish Blood_, a neat, tightly-wound, pretty sad story. As Jim Doherty
said, it's interesting to have a cop as main character, although his
official hands are tied.

Every time I re-read Chandler, I see new things. This time I was
watching for his pace; his ability to advance the action is second to
none. _Trouble is my business_ is an admirable example, a perfectly
constructed tale with no extra fat. Nowadays, this long story would
probably become a novel with padding and added subplots.

For good measure, I re-read several stories in _Killer in the Rain_,
including the great _Bay City Blues_, a tale of utter corruption that I
prefer to the novel it went into, _The Lady in the Lake_. Likewise, _No
Crime in the Mountains_, which went into the same novel, is an ironic
tale that holds up extremely well.


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