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Re Terrill Lankford's comment below:

"I would like to see the character explored by other filmmakers. The
Bond flicks have a tendency to blend together nowadays."

As you may know, the rights to *Thunderball* are not owned by the
Saltzman/Broccoli company, but by an Irsh film producer named Kevin
McClory. The rights fell to him during a lawsuit against Fleming in
which he claimed that *Thunderball* was not an original novel, but a
novelization of an original film script, *James Bond - Secret Agent*,
on which McClory and a third writer whose name escapes me collaborated
with Fleming. When the film deal fell through, Fleming, McClory
alleged, simply used the plot for his novel *Thunderball*.

In the mid-60s, McClory, in a deal with the Saltzman/Broccoli outfit,
produced the first *Thunderball* for them, with the proviso that the
rights would revert to him after 10 years.

In 1983, he his remake of *Thunderball*, *Never Say Never Again*, in
which Connery returned to the role that made him famous, was released
as an independent production.

In recent interviews McClory has stated that he plans to make a new,
independent Bond film, *Warhead 2000*, possibly with Timothy Dalton
returning to the role, as the third film version of *Thunderball*.

If he manages to bring this production off (and far more productions
get planned than ever get made), you may get your wish to see Bond
handled by another production company. - Jim Doherty

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