RARA-AVIS: Donald Goines

Regina Ebner (g.ebner@online.edvg.co.at)
Sat, 23 Jan 1999 18:59:10 +0100 I finished reading Dopefiend a few days ago - it's fantastic, although I had
to take breaks in between (take a deep breath, a shower,...). It is certainly
one of the most gruesome books I've ever read. It is also the best book I ever
read about addiction. I just tried to put my reaction into words, but nothing
I could say does the book justice. As it obviously left me speechless, I'd
love to hear other people's opinions of it...
It would be great to have one of Goines's books on the reading list (I believe
they're also easily available)

Gina Ebner
Vienna, Austria

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