Re: RARA-AVIS: Strange but true.....(Skinner, Sallis and other stuff)

Robert E. Skinner (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 15:58:51 -0600 wrote:
> Having read our Bob Skinner's new book I was surprised to
> come across a bit in "Balck Hornet" by Jim Sallis in which
> one character - who presents as white - is, in fact, black.
> This is also a key plot ploy in our Bob's book. Now, either this
> is a "New Orleans" theme or our Bob read Salllis and thought
> "Now there's an idea for a book"? >

Thanks for all those kind words. Now I'll tell you a strange, true
fact. Jim and I, working at different ends of the country, discovered
Chester Himes, fell into a continuous enthralled state, and almost at
the same time began writing different kinds of novels about a black New
Orleans sleuth. Where we tend to part company is that Jim, a true
intellectual and more widely read than God, tends to take most of his
influence from French existentialists. Most of mine comes from Himes,
Donald Hamilton, a snippet of C. L. Moore, Leslie Charteris, and a dash
of Tennessee Williams. Pretty wierd, huh?

To top it all off, we didn't even meet each other until the year The
Long-Legged Fly came out and I discovered he was temporarily living in
New Orleans, not more than a few blocks from me. I knew him as a Himes
scholar, having read, absorbed, and cataloged his work in a massive
Himes bibliography I did in the early '90s with the French Himes
scholar, Michel Fabre. And that's the whole story.

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