RARA-AVIS: L'etranger still....(Sallis's new book)

Peter Walker (pw@pw.cablenet.co.uk)
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 19:19:36 +0000 The Sallis book contains a reference to Camus's "L'Etranger".
A great book but is it a crime book in our sense of the word?
The same applies to John Banville's similar "The Book of Evidence".
But, I needlessly ponder these things because I know from bitter
experience that you all ignore me anyway when i try to get
literary or philosophical......and on the subject of ignoring me not
one of you responded to me wishing you all a happy Xmas. Look, guys,
i know we're all hard on this list but give a guy a break.
Anyway, Jim, where are you now i'm getting philosophical ? not to
mention needing help with my spelling...
Because i'm very well conected with some key movers and shakers in
the publishing world I've got an advanced copy of James Sallis's new
book -- due out in the UK in March and possibly already out in the
U.S. Ignore some of the critics --- its a stone classic. Jeez but that guy
can write. Lost in the beautiful white ruins of America indeed...
Peter Walker
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