RARA-AVIS: Unseen version of THE BIG SLEEP movie

EJM Duggan (ejmd@mcmail.com)
Sun, 17 Jan 1999 22:47:49 -0800 On 16 Jan 99, james.doherty@gsa.gov wrote:

> The other evening, my wife and I went to the movie theatre at
> Chicago's Art Institute to see a previously unreleased version of
> Howard Hawks's film adaptation of *The Big Sleep*. Very interesting.
> Aside from that cut, most of the changes did, in fact, improve the
> film. The original version was very good. The final version (the one
> most of you are probably familiar with) was better. The metamorphosis
> between the two versions is very interesting.

Jim, you might be interested in the little booklet on The Big Sleep in
the BFI 'film classics' series:
David Thomson, _The Big Sleep_ (BFI: London, 1997). The book discusses
Chandler's Marlowe and Hawkes's Marlowe, as well as the shooting,
editing and re-shooting of the film, and offers in-depth analysis of the
film's characterisation and plot--all in 73 pages!

Other titles in the series that are likely to be of interest to
rara-avians include _The Big Heat_, _Gun Crazy_, _In A Lonely Place_ and
_Double Indemnity_.


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