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Kevin Smith (kvnsmith@colba.net)
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 10:50:44 -0500 ALL BLURBS ALL THE TIME

Thanks, Bill, Fred and Jim! The cheques are in the mail.....


And aint it a hoot that the rest of the digest is about blurbs, too?
Reminds me of a Peanuts strip from years ago, when Snoopy was trying to
write a hardboiled detective novel.

"You want your book to sell, don't you?" asks Lucy. "You know what they
always put on the covers of books they want to sell? 'In the tradition of
Hammett, Chandler and Macdonald' "

Lucy walks away, while Snoopy hovers, pensively, ever the ambitious sort,
over his typewriter, and then adds in, "and Leo Tolstoy."

Actually, there's a few other strips in this arc. I got a big laugh out of
'em at the time, and clipped 'em. Maybe I'll try to scan them and post


And while I'm being gracious and all that, thanks, William, for the bit
about Woody meeting Thompson.

>"'Woody and Jim took to each other like a pair of old hoboes,' Gordon
>Friesen marvels. 'You could see that they had a lot in common.' Thompson
>apparently pleased the singer with his knowledge of Haywire Mac and the
>Texas Wobblies." That's from _Savage Art: A Biography of Jim Thompson_,
>by Robert Polito.

I'm not sure about Arlo's stance when it comes to crime fiction, myself,
but he did write one of the early odes to drug smugglers, Coming into Los

And to tie it all in with hardboiled fiction, with the endless, it seems,
glut of mysteries with famous literary and historical characters as
detectives (Jane Austen? Mark Twain? Eleanor Roosevelt? Groucho Marx?) how
long before someone has Woody and John Steinbeck teaming up to look into
the particularly nasty murder of some Okie lettuce picker in the Salinas

Kevin Smith
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