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Re Duane's query below:
"Is Howard Hunt, who wrote some Gold Medal and Signet PBOs in the
1950s, the same E. Howard Hunt who wrote thrillers from the 1960s to
the present (and had some kind of plumbing job at the Watergate Hotel,
I think)?"
Yes. He was a career CIA agent. Later he worked as a White House
consultant during the Nixon Administration. In addition to the
Dietrich pseudonym that's already been mentioned, he also wrote spy
thrillers as David St. John. For a time, thanks to his Watergate
notoriety, he was, to quote William DeAndrea in *Encyclopedia
Mysteriosa*, "the most famous mystery writer in the world." After his
part in Watergate came out, several of his pseudonymous work was
re-published under his own name. - Jim Doherty

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