Re: RARA-AVIS: Blurbs and "Payback"

Dave (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 11:08:09 -0800 Speaking of blurbs, I'm always reminded of that column in SPY Magazine,
"Log rolling in America," where writers continuously and hilariously
stroke each other with effusive praise.

I have a friend who wrote a book that became a bestseller, and he wanted
a couple blurbs from his favorite writers Peter Blauner and Nelson de
Mille. The former gave him a lukewarm quotation, and the second was
respectful, but it was clear that both of them maybe read a page or two.

The reality is, few of these fellow writers ever read ANY of some
stranger's book. The worst is Ellroy, who always gives some over-the-top
"Ellroyism" to countless books I KNOW he never reads. A quote from the
Dog is a joke ...

Now to change the subject back to Westlake -- I ran into somebody last
night who had just seen "Payback," the remake of course, of "Point
Blank." He was knocked out by it, said that it was very seventies, very
funny, and better than "Pulp Fiction." It's going to be a major hit.
However, he didn't respond when I asked him if it was better than "Point

By the way, the word on the street is that Mel locked writer/director
Brian Helgeland out of the cutting room.


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