RARA-AVIS: Administration: The list is two years old!

William Denton (buff@vex.net)
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 01:39:43 -0500 (EST) Hi,

RARA-AVIS was announced on 5 January 1997, which means it's now two years
(and nine days) old.

There are 114 subscribers to the regular list, and 123 to the digest
version, for a total of 237 people. This is the highest ever, I think,
but only about one in ten is a regular poster. Six months ago there were
196 people on the list, and one year ago 163. Subscribers come from
Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland,
Italy, Japan, Norway and the United States and perhaps other countries.

Messages sent to the list since its beginning:

1997 1998
---- ----
Jan 257 165
Feb 179 163
Mar 57 114
Apr 203 293
May 312 166
Jun * 257 * Hard drive crash lost archived messages
Jul *20 439 and subscriber list.
Aug 73 466
Sep 105 538
Oct 135 261
Nov 201 255
Dec 230 206

As I said six months ago, I hope everyone enjoys the list. If you have any
complaints or suggestions, please let me know. Very few people have sent
me complaints, which I hope means people are happy. I do get messages
about people who don't cut down quoted text in their replies: please
remember to EDIT YOUR REPLY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. It's inconsiderate not to
do so.

And please don't forget about iComm, who provide the resources for the
list. I'm on the board and I'd like to ask everyone to check out our web
site and perhaps consider sending in a donation. We give free Internet
access (from dial-up to mailing lists and web sites) to around 150
non-profit and community groups in the Americas, Europe and Africa.
These groups include Amnesty USA, the International Festival of Authors,
On Spec magazine, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Library,
the anxiety-l mailing list, the Georgian Society for Informatics in
Agriculture, and many more.

We're very grateful for any donations sent in and can offer tax receipts,
although they won't be much good to people outside Canada. If you're in a
non-profit or community group, perhaps you'd care to fill out an
application for an account? We always welcome new groups.

iComm's web site is at


List-owner Bill

William Denton                       <URL:http://www.vex.net/~buff/>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada             Caveat lector.

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