RARA-AVIS: Four For The Money

Mark Sullivan (ANONYMEINC@webtv.net)
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 14:48:51 -0500 (EST) I just recently read my first Dan J. Marlowe book, Four For The Money.
It was very impressive. The first person narrator is James Quick, known
to one and all as Slick, a con man just released from jail. He will be
the front man in the "one big job" he and three fellow inmates have
planned in Desert City, Nevada. Slick must find a house for the four to
live in. Their big revelation is that every robber in Desert City has
been caught by a roadblock of the single road out of town; they will
hide in the town. But first Slick must add to the bankroll one of his
confederates had stashed outside. As each of his partners is released,
he joins Slick in Desert City.

So the novel has elements of both the con and the caper, two things for
which I am a sucker. And like all good Gold Medal books, it packs more
plot in 160 pages than many 4- and 500 page books do today. I'll
definitely be reading more Marlowe, probably starting with The Name of
the Game Is Death, which I have seen recommended here numerous times.


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