RE: RARA-AVIS: LA Confidential and Pornography

Fri, 8 Jan 1999 19:38:19 -0800 (PST) Brad,

SHOOTERS was "distributed" by St. Martin's Press, but published by their
sub FORGE.

The SONY/TRI-STAR story is another nightmare. They optioned the book
four years ago. At the end of their 18 month option period they stated
their time wasn't up because the publisher hadn't signed a one page
release form until 5 months after I signed the movie contract, even
though I signed with SONY first and their contract superceded the
publisher's. They had also hired a screenwriter and he was working on
the film during the 5 months they supposedly didn't have the rights.
Frankly, they just stole the time. The script generated was dreadful and
I thought I would get the project back at the end of their free five
months but they exercised their option for another year. I was horrified
because a pretty big time director had contacted us expressing interest
in making the film and I wanted the rights back. SONY did nothing to
develop SHOOTERS over the following year, but they did develop and make
a very similar project, 8MM, which will be released next month. They
were obviously just keeping my book off the market so we couldn't
compete with their new package. Ironically enough they started filming
8MM on the very same day that their final option ran out. I worked with
the director in question for about two months until he found out about
8MM, then he got cold feet and jumped ship.

There is no bigger scumbag in hard boiled literature than an
entertaiment attorney in real life.

Down this road there be tygers....


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