Re: RARA-AVIS: LA Confidential and Pornography

Fri, 8 Jan 1999 09:41:38 -0800 (PST) If any of you Rare Birds want to try a modern-day noir set in L.A.'s
porn world you might want to give my novel SHOOTERS a look. The Demon
Dog himself gave it his stamp of approval. Ellroy's blurb on the cover

"SHOOTERS cooks! This is a blood thriller that will vibrate your
vindaloo! Terrill Lankford has crafted a truly bitchin' novel that will
keep you up nights howling at the moon! Read it or be deprived!" - James

Heady words to live up to, but the Dog has never been known for
under-selling his subject, has he? Is the book hard boiled? To add a
little fairness in advertising, a reviewer that panned the book said it
was "boiled beyond recognition." (I think this was the reviewer for
WOMAN'S WIRE or something like that.)

The book is about a superstar fashion photographer accused of murdering
an ex-porn star. As he tries to clear his name he is drawn back into the
porn world of the San Fernando Valley that he had fled from over a
decade earlier to avoid prosecution for an earlier crime. It's a dark,
nasty journey. I hope you dig it.

The book might still be available from AMAZON. If you have trouble
locating a copy you can contact me off-list. I purchased all the
remaining hardcover copies from my publisher, so there will be no
remainders. They are sitting in my garage looking for good homes. It's
cold out there!

Sorry if this has been heavy on the self-promotion, but this is a book
that was very poorly distributed. If I didn't bring it up I doubt any
one else would.

Back to the Lurk Cave!

Terrill Lankford

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